Pastor's Note

Pastor's Note
Rev. Ron Brooks, Senior Pastor

Reverend, Ron Brooks
I was looking for some old files the other day and I came upon an article I wrote in 2000 (yes, I have files dating back longer than that even). It was about a couple (John and Luanne Buzzanca) who had arranged for an egg and sperm to be donated, fertilized, and implanted in a surrogate so that they could have a child of their own. Well, John filed for divorce just prior to the child being born and claimed that since it was not genetically his child he did not owe child support. The court in 1998 first ruled that indeed he was correct and that, in fact, little Jaycee as Luanne would name her, had no legal parents and Luanne refused to adopt her. Ultimately the Court of Appeals ruled that because the Buzzanca's had put in motion the birth of Jaycee they were ultimately responsible.

I went down a rabbit hole trying to find out what happened to Jaycee who would now be about twenty five years old. How did having five people involved in your creation, none of whom wanted anything to do with her, ultimate affect who she had become as an adult. I found out that John self-published a book called Not My Daughter and that numerous legal articles have been published around the multiple cases involving Jaycee. There was even a 2014 (I think was the year) 48-hour video on the implications of the case but I can find nothing about what happened to this poor girl. If you know, get back with me because it has become a bit of an "ear-worm" for me now.

Love is at the core of everything. It is what connects everything we do. It is what we are called to reflect (God's love) in our lives. Jesus spoke some words that, though they weren't spoken specifically and exclusively for the family, can certainly be applied to any family situation. He said...
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching...He who does not love me will not obey my teaching." (John 14:23-24)
Here is a principle to remember as we celebrate not just Valentine's Day but each day of life: Love Comes First. Obedience, then, grows out of love. For most parents it doesn't require a court order for them to take care of their children. And children benefit the most when they are taught that their own obedience should be a response of love, not a response to threats.

My prayer is that Jaycee found the unconditional love she deserves from someone along her journey. I hope you know, and she knows, that God loves you fully and completely just as you are. I hope the love of God and those God has put in her life has healed any wounds she might have from such a
strange and awful beginning to her life. I pray the same for each of you as well. After all, we almost all have some kind of parental wound or issue.

I wonder if you might know someone who needs you to connect with them and share God's love in a practical way? February, the love month, would be a great time to reach out and share God's love every day. Burt Bacharach got it right when he sang, "What the world needs now is love," now more
than ever.