Pastor's Note

Pastor's Note
Rev. Ron Brooks, Senior Pastor

Reverend, Ron Brooks
Pastor Ron to Retire Next Year

I have been trying to decide when to retire for some time now. I had a date in the back of my mind sometime in the future but then we had the opportunity to buy a home near two of our children in Portage. Our offer was accepted and it has pushed up our plans to retire. It was announced in church on October 22nd that I would be retiring effective June 30th of 2024. The Bishop and DS has also been notified.

In January the Cabinet will begin the process of looking for our new pastor. The SPRC Team will be instrumental in that process. A Profile of the Congregation is updated each year and that profile will be used in conversation with the SPRC to find the next pastor. Usually the process takes several months but I suspect by around Easter the new pastor will be identified and introduced to the SPRC Team but don't hold anyone to that date.

Penny and I have so enjoyed our time in Grand Ledge with each of you and we will miss seeing your faces each Sunday and doing ministry with you during the week. I feel so blessed to have been given such an awesome appointment for my last assignment in the Church. We could not have imagined a better place to conclude our ministry.

Please be praying for the process and we look forward to continuing to do good work with you in the community for the next many months.

Pastor Ron & Penny