Worship Opportunities

Worship Opportunities

Worship Team
Worship opportunities for drama, dance or praise music, singing or instruments. Contact Diane Roskoskey (517) 627-0731.

Children in K-3rd grades are invited to participate in the Worship at First United Methodist Church by lighting the candles. Interested young people serve on a rotating basis. Contact: Mollie Woods @ 622-1940 or Amy Hirschman @ 627-8908, for more information.

A warm handshake and a friendly smile are wonderful ways to begin Worship. If you are interested in greeting, please call Amy Hirschmann, 627-8908.

Each Sunday, volunteers are needed to read the Scripture during Worship. Contact Alan Miller at the church if you interested in this area of ministry at (517) 627-3256.

Helping new people find their way around the Church, offering bulletins, and accepting the Sunday offering are part of what the ushers do to help the Worship service flow smoothly. To help in this area please contact Rick Delleree at (517) 627-5327.

Coffee Hour
Hospitality and fellowship are provided in the form of refreshments after the first Worship Service each Sunday throughout the year. If you would like to provide and serve refreshments you may indicate a Sunday of your choice by contacting Chris Cooley at (517) 627-7710.

Sound / Technology Assistance
Assist with both visual and sound technology for worship services, contact Charlie Jennett for more information at (517) 323-1778.

For information regarding Sunday Services & The Sacraments visit our Worship page.